Miss Khoos Asian Deli Impressive, easy to achieve dishes for effortless living. After copious meals throughout Malaysia tasting curries flavours from Malaysia, Thailand and India. 10 years ago, the career gals Zerafina Idris and Fay Khoo (renowned Food writer) embarked on creating gourmet food products which is the perfect antidote for people on the go who want to eat healthy and delicious food, but simply cannot spare time to slave over a hot stove; launching Miss Khoos Asian Deli range. Consisting only of the finest spices and ingredients and proudly preservative and monosodium-glutamate-free, Miss Khoos Asian Deli products are made by a carefully selected team of suppliers experienced in satisfying generations of hungry and discerning Asians. They are hygienically packaged in compact silver printed foil/paper bags with bold labels in bright colours for easy identification. Besides their appealing visual minimalism, the single-use packaging also ensures convenience and no out of date items clogging up precious pantry space. Each has their own recipes instructions. The tantalising and perennially loved flavours - Thai Green Curry, Thai Red Curry, Masala and Madras pastes and Essential Curry, Kapitan Curry, Kurma Curry and Rendang Curry curry spice mixes. The deliciously irresistible laksa flavours. They are the Curry Laksa, Penang Laksa, Assam Laksa and All Season Noodle Soup with a piquant tomyam soup base. The perfect soup bases for easy entertaining.

Zadris Discover unique gifts that are not mass marketed from the Zadris own-label brand and from selected niche producers and designers. Inspired by the heady aromas of Asian markets and memories of beach fun holidays. Hand made items are uniform in appearance therefore giving them an individualistic look and uniqueness.-->


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