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In 1999, Zerafina Idris started to source for exceptional products and niche producers for a New York based B2B company that sells and connect international suppliers to a network of US retailers.

Later on, Zerafina developed with Fay Khoo, who is a renowned Malaysian food writer, a range of spice mixes and curry flavours and laksa dishes. Under the brand name of Miss Khoo’s Asian Deli which is the perfect antidote for people on the go who want to eat healthy and delicious food, but simply cannot spare time to slave over a hot stove. Twenty minutes is all it takes to prepare a simple meal using Miss Khoo’s Asian Deli spice mixes and pastes.

The Zadris concept includes designs from a collaboration of designers, manufacturers and workshops from around the world. It began with the Zadris spa range which is sold to Asian spa hotels and boutique resorts. Other designers that inspires were than added.


Charities and Events We Support
Selangor’s Cheshire Home, Malaysia

We are very happy to support this charity with the creation of the Zadris Spa cosmetics bags – each is hand made by the charity Cheshire Home.

This range gives gainful employment to disabled residents. So there are no deadlines on these cosmetic/clutch bags and each is individually handcrafted.

Leonard Cheshire International is the international arm of the UK registered Charity, Leonard Cheshire, which is the largest provider of services for disabled people in the UK. The international work extends to 57 countries and includes projects in education, employment, economic empowerment, rehabilitation and day care services, short and longer term residential care, and community programmes.

Leonard Cheshire exists to change attitudes to disability and to serve disabled people around the world. They have been supporting disabled people for almost 60 years.

December 1963 Rumah Amal Cheshire Selangor set up and opened its doors to the physically handicapped in the country. Today it is home to 50 residents of all ages ranging from 25 to 75 years.

The main aim of the Home is to train and provide residents with all the necessary assistance to develop abilities and to maximize their level of independence so that they are able to achieve as full as possible no matter what their physical disabilities.

The residents are given the opportunity and encouragement to develop interests and hobbies as music, sports and activities that allow them to interact socially and engage in suitable employment. The emphasis of Rumah Amal Cheshire Selangor, like the other 250 of its kind around the world, is firmly based on an all-round development within a secure environment of love and encouragement rather than treatment alone.


Royal Chelsea Pensioners’ Appeal

A beautiful coffee table book – 'Paradise Found: Journeys through Noble Gardens of Asia'. 70% of this Book Proceeds going towards the Royal Chelsea Pensioner’s Appeal to fund modernisation works at The Royal Hospital.

This book showcases 40 Asian gardens with more than 350 stunning photographs that unveil the beauty, splendour and significance of these historical, architectural, and horticultural treasures. It includes essays by more than 40 guest writers including George Alagiah, Jimmy Choo, Elizabeth Hurley and Sir David Tang.

The Royal Chelsea Pensioners’ Appeal to build and equip a new Infirmary (care home) and to modernise and upgrade the Chelsea Pensioners’ sheltered living accommodation in the famous Sir Christopher Wren designed Long Wards so that Pensioners of the future can benefit from a high standard of care.



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